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Sheeplings offers children

a gentle and safe introduction

into the use of smartphones and tablets.

And you can define the playtime.

In the game your child follows a day in a sheep pasture. By using touch gestures, he or she can interact with the animals and the landscape. There is no predefined gameplay.

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After the specified playing time, the day comes to an end and the sheep fall asleep. The opportunities for interaction come to a comprehensible end.. This makes it easier for your child to disengage from the device and the media experience after use.

Sheeplings implements a new, media-pedagogical standard for children's apps and games. This allows children to try out and learn how to use digital devices without pressure and excessive demands, while at the same time experiencing time and content limits.

The game avoids overwhelming elements:

No predefined game goals

No time-critical tasks

No highscores

Of course, Sheeplings complies with the basics of children's media protection:

No advertising

No data collection

No additional purchases